Late fumble spoils Colts season opener

The Colts pulled out a piece of 2017 in the final minutes of their matchup against the Bengals this afternoon. Unfortunately for Indianapolis, it was a bad piece. Trailing 27-23 with less than a minute left, Andrew Luck and the Colts attempted to make another classic fourth quarter comeback. Andrew Luck tossed a would be first down pass to Tight End Jack Doyle, but Doyle could not secure it, as he turned up field and fumbled it away. The fumble would then be picked up by Bengals Safety Clayton Fejedelem, and returned 83 yards for a Cincinnati touchdown to seal a Bengals victory.

After an early interception to start the game, Andrew Luck and the Colts offense settled in. Luck’s final stat line was 39-53 for 319 yards, 2 touchdowns, and that first quarter interception. If there is one positive to take out of this game, it’s that Andrew Luck has certainly shown he can outlast an NFL game. Taking multiple hard hits, (one of which led to a Bengals ejection) two sacks, and 53 pass attempts was probably enough for two games worth of action; However, Luck popped right back up on every play, as he showed the grit and determination of a grizzled NFL veteran.

Indianapolis definitely has a few things to work on heading into next week. Here are 3 things the Colts need to tighten up on, as they head into next week.

  1. Don’t make Luck do everything! We love our quarterback, and we want to see him out there all season. A poor rushing attack was a big reason why Luck threw 53 passes.
  2. Establish a running game. The Indianapolis running backs combined for just 68 yards on 21 carries.
    Don’t make critical turnovers/Keep creating turnovers. It was a fantastic start for the Colts defense, as the got great pressure on Bengals Quarterback Andy Dalton on his second pass attempt. Colts defensive back Kenny Moore intercepted Dalton after a tipped pass, nearly returning it for a touchdown. That put the Colts in the red zone early, but two plays later the Bengals defense would force an Andrew Luck interception (the first of two red zone turnovers by the Colts), spoiling the big play by Moore.
  • The Colts will look to get their first victory next week against the Washington Redskins in Washington D.C. next Sunday.
  • The Bengals will look to build on their win, as they will have a short week, hosting the Baltimore Ravens this Thursday.
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